Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour fireworks
on New Year's Eve

Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up with New Year's Eve fireworks

Sydney Harbour fireworks January 1, 2007.  Picture: Rob Chandler/Wikimedia Commons

Hotels with rooms that
have fireworks views

The fireworks spectacle that takes place on Sydney Harbour each year is one of the most talked about fireworks displays in the world.

The event is watched by thousands of Sydney locals and visitors - either on boats or crammed into vantage points on the harbour foreshores - and internationally on TV by millions.

Sydney Harbour is clothed in a purple mist by New Year's Eve fireworks

January 1, 2009.  Picture: ©vselenka/123RF.COM

The event is so spectacular that thousands of international visitors converge on the city for the start of the New Year.

The world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge is the focal point for the display. Fireworks are set up on the bridge which highlight the bridge and explode in the sky above.

Sydney fireworks 2000

Fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge during closing ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  Picture: David Shapinsky, Washington DC, via Wikimedia Commons

The fireworks create dazzling bands of colour. One instance the bridge is mutli-coloured, the next its bathed in a misty red, then a dusty yellow.

At midnight, all colour is washed away as a the bridge and surrounds are illuminated in white to signify a new beginning - the start of a new year.

Sydney Harbour fireworks on New Year's Evev 2009

January 1, 2009.  Picture: Adam JWC, via Wikimedia Commons

Some Sydney hotels are well placed to view the fireworks on the harbour, with rooms that look out on the spectacle. These hotel rooms are popular and tend to book out, so it's better to book as early in the year as possible.

Best foreshore vantage points
for viewing the fireworks


Sydney Harbour fireworks

Sydney Harbour Bridge is bathed in red as a result of New year's Eve fireworks

January 1, 2009.  Picture: Rajwinder Singh (Sydney), via Wikimedia Commons

Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve fireworks as seen from Lavender Bay

January 1, 2008.  Picture: ©Linh_rOm/123RF.COM A cloud of pink created by the Sydney Hrbour New Year's Evev fireworks illuminates the Sydney Opera House in 2005

A cloud of pink appears to be charged with electricity as it illuminates the Sydney Opera Hous in 2005. Picture: ©Kvasir/123RF.COM

A HDR photo of the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks of  2009

An ultra high dynamic range (HDR) photo of the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks taken in 2009.  Picture: miquitos, via Wikimedia Commons